This page is meant to provide those that are curious with up-to-date information on the goings-on of Dryver (the band, not the golf club). The upcoming gigs are listed here as well as band info and marketing fluff. Please feel free to give me your feedback on this page and the band as a whole at anytime by sending mail to me or better yet, come to one of the gigs.

You might be interested in calling the Dryver Hot Line at (972) 644-1436. Check out other unsigned bands homepages. Also, there's Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) and the World Wide Web of Music.


The following gigs are firmly scheduled as of this date:


The following gigs are potential as of this date:

Or, you can see where we have played in the past.

Band Info

Veni, Vidi, Vaguely (I came, I saw, I don't remember any of it)

Marketing Fluff

While we don't have a CD or MTV video yet, we do have junk!

For a mere ten bucks, you can find yourself in a slick, one-of-a-kind Dryver T-Shirt. They come in White, Black and Red.
Best way to impress your date, or better yet, have an excuse why you are carrying one in the glove compartment ("Well, you see honey... this way I will always have the Dryver Hot Line number with me wherever I go.....honest...). A buck.
Mailing list
While we do maintain an electronic mailing list, the snail-mail version gets much better stuff...

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